Amstel Burger Break Down at the Beehive

Amstel has corrupted me. Normally, I go out and do “Hot Dog Stories,” but every once in a while, I break out of the encased meat genre and venture into other foods. This is especially true when FREE BEER is involved. I received an email from the nice people at Amstel last week inviting me […]

Sullivan’s in South Boston

Sullivan’s on Castle Island in South Boston was stop number three on the National Hot Dog Month Tour 2012. I was brought to this iconic establishment by Aaron Socrat. Aaron stopped me at a community event a few months ago and asked if I’d ever been to Sullivan’s. I hadn’t, so he suggested we make it […]

Hot Dog Stories to be Featured on Chronicle

About six weeks ago, Drew Bennet and I visited Fei Fan Eatery in Boston’s Chinatown. Fei Fan doesn’t serve up your standard Asian cuisine, they put an Asian twist on hot dogs! We were treated to some of the most unusual hot dogs either one of us has ever tasted, and they were DELISH! The […]

Fei Fan Eatery

Going to Chinatown for Japanese hot dogs! Boston’s newest Hot Dog Joint is Fei Fan Eatery. Located at 42 Beach Street in Boston’s Chinatown, Fei Fan is a flavor filled treat. Leave all your preconceived notions about hot dogs behind, because these puppies are unlike anything you have ever had. There are hot dogs with […]

Boston Speed’s Famous Hot Dog Wagon

I haven’t been to Boston Speed’s since the 1990’s when the original Speed was still running the wagon. Today I went with my camera and my appetite. They are still ridiculously good hot dogs! Read about my visit to Boston Speed’s on The Hot Dog Truck

Roxy’s Grilled Cheese and Poutine at SoWa Open Market

Little Miss, Mrs. HDM and I drove into Boston to the SoWa Open Market to browse the craft booths and get some food. Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese Truck was there and they had a new item on the menu: POUTINE (which happens to be Mrs. HDM’s SECOND FAVORITE FOOD). We had camera in hand…..

Earthfest: the Applegate Farms Bio-fuel Hot Dog Bus

On a beautiful springtime Saturday afternoon, Little Miss and I headed into Boston for the day. It wasn’t an average Saturday, it was the day Earthfest Boston was happening.

The Dog House in Quincy Market

Mrs. HDM’s cousin came to town from Toronto for a weekend visit before Thanksgiving, so we took her into Boston for the day to do the “tourist thing.” After touring the Back Bay, Public Garden and the Boston Common, we headed over to the Faneuil Hall area for a little tour of the North End. […]

Spike’s Junkyard Dogs

Franchised fast food is not normally my cup of tea, but I’ve made exceptions before- like our family outing at Lafleur’s in Montreal. On the way home from my visit to Boston University with Veggyhead, we were feeling the need for food before braving the rush hour traffic on the Mass Pike. There aren’t too […]

Campus Trolley

Veggyhead, my oldest, is a senior in high school and is interested in studying nutrition in college. She hopes to go on to Medical School someday! She’s actually writing her college entrance essay about the trials and tribulations of being a vegetarian who has the Hotdogman for a dad.