Hot Dog Stories to be Featured on Chronicle

About six weeks ago, Drew Bennet and I visited Fei Fan Eatery in Boston’s Chinatown. Fei Fan doesn’t serve up your standard Asian cuisine, they put an Asian twist on hot dogs!

We were treated to some of the most unusual hot dogs either one of us has ever tasted, and they were DELISH! The hot dog joint has only been open a few months and Drew and I were the first to chronicle the place on video.

Speaking of Chronicle, folks in New England must be familiar with the wildly popular and longstanding news magazine show, Chronicle, on Boston’s WCVB Channel 5. I got a call from one of the producers asking if they could use footage from the Fei Fan segment on a new segment called “What’s New.”

I, of course, was delighted to let them use some footage! I don’t know what or how much they will be using, but I do know the show will air Tuesday, May 15, at 7:30 PM on WCVB Channel 5 in Boston. Once it airs, I’ll get some video up.

Seeing as my old pals from Snappy Dogs was on Chronicle last summer, I decided to pay them a visit last Friday to have their Friday Special Dog and get some advice on handling my impending Chronicle fame. They saw their hot dog business increase two fold after appearing on the show.

We talked off camera about plans for the National Hot Dog Month Tour and some of their upcoming special events. They are almost as excited as me for July! As usual, Lisa and Theresa provided good food, good advice, and a little bit of silliness.

Check out the video!


  1. That’s awesome! Congratulations.

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