Lucia Ristorante: NOT a Hot Dog Story

Every once in a while, I forget about the hot dogs and just go with the flow. Yesterday was one of those days. I got an email from the folks at 451 Marketing. They wanted to invite me and some other folks from the Boston Food Bloggers community out to Lucia Ristorante¬†at 13 Mount Vernon […]

Roxy’s Grilled Cheese and Poutine at SoWa Open Market

Little Miss, Mrs. HDM and I drove into Boston to the SoWa Open Market to browse the craft booths and get some food. Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese Truck was there and they had a new item on the menu: POUTINE (which happens to be Mrs. HDM’s SECOND FAVORITE FOOD). We had camera in hand…..

Hot Doggin’ in Montreal at Resto Lafleur

On our recent trip to Montreal, we stopped at Resto Lafleur for poutine and Michigan Dogs. For kicks, I dusted off the old high school French and we did this story en francaise! Check out the video: For more about Resto Lafleur, read about my visit there last year and check out The Hot Dog […]

National Hot Dog Month Celebration 2011: Gary’s Best in New Bedford, MA

Ever had hot dogs for brunch? I won’t lie, today wasn’t the first time, but it may have been the best. Day 17 of my quest to eat a hot dog a day for National Hot Dog month found Mrs. HDM, Little Miss, and myself at Gary’s Best Hot Dogs in New Bedford- at 10 […]

National Hot Dog Month Celebration 2011- C and R Hot Dogs in Holliston

Today, July 14th, the 14th day of my mission to eat a hot dog a day at a different venue to celebrate National Hot Dog Month, I stopped in at C and R Hot Dogs in Holliston, Massachusetts. There were a few surprises today, including an attempt at breaking a hot dog eating record! Follow […]

National Hot Dog Month Celebration 2011: The James “Cy” Belmore Field House Snack Bar

I stopped by our local little league fields today to check out the tournament that was going on. Our Board of Directors recently honored a departed friend of the league for over fifty years by naming the field house after him. James “Cy” Belmore was a coach, board member, league president and number one hot […]

National Hot Dog Month Celebration 2011: Hot Dogs at Home on the Grill

The other day I went to Kayem Foods to kick off my Hot Dog a Day for National Hot Dog Month; they sent me home with a Box ‘o Meat. Since July 3 was a Sunday, we decided to grill up a bunch of the Kayem franks so I could have my third hot dog […]

National Hot Dog Month Celebration: Frankenstein’s

For my second installment of eating a hot dog a day in July, I stopped in at Frankenstein’s at 208R Main Street in Wareham, MA. For more about this visit, check out The Hot Dog Truck.

National Hot Dog Month 2011 Celebration: Kayem Foods

For the month of July, I am eating a hot dog a day ¬†at different venues each day of the month. I am documenting this quest on The Hot Dog Truck and here on Hot Dog Stories. For the inaugural July 1 episode, the nice people at Kayem foods invited me to their plant for […]

Burrito Dave’s

I had some business in Needham, Massachusetts on a cool, grey mid-September afternoon and, while traveling down Highland Avenue, I saw this truck. I know this site is called Hot Dog Stories, but I am going to digress from the topic today because this particular food truck is not a Hot Dog Truck– it’s a […]