Dog Gone Ron’s in Needham, MA

National Hot Dog Month Tour stop number 30 brought me to my hometown of Needham, MA to a little hot dog cart known as Dog Gone Ron’s. After watching Needham native Ally Raisman (I graduated with her uncle) light up the gym in woman’s gymnastics at the Summer Olympics Sunday night, I got nostalgic and […]

National Hot Dog Month 2011: Dog Gone Ron’s in Needham, MA

It was close to 100 degrees today, July 21- the 21st day on my quest to eat a hot dog a day in honor of National Hot Dog Month. I made my way to the town I grew up in: Needham, MA. I was aiming to visit Dog Gone Ron’s, Needham’s ONLY mobile food cart. […]

Burrito Dave’s

I had some business in Needham, Massachusetts on a cool, grey mid-September afternoon and, while traveling down Highland Avenue, I saw this truck. I know this site is called Hot Dog Stories, but I am going to digress from the topic today because this particular food truck is not a Hot Dog Truck– it’s a […]

Dog Gone Ron’s

Today’s adventure brought us to bustling downtown Needham, Massachusetts- the home of Dog Gone Ron’s Hot Dog Cart. Ron’s is located right on the street in front of Bacchiochi’s Mobil gas station at 1111 Great Plain Avenue. The hot dog cart is open for business Monday through Friday, 11 AM – 7PM during the summer […]