National Hot Dog Month 2011: Jeannie’s Weenies in Holliston, Massachusetts

Holliston’s only hot dog cart was my 19th stop on the quest to eat a hot dog a day during National Hot Dog Month: Jeannie’s Weenies. I have been to Jeannie’s before and Bruce, Jeannie’s husband, serves up the hottest dogs around. Since I have already done a full story on Jeannie’s Weenies, I was […]

National Hot Dog Month Celebration 2011- C and R Hot Dogs in Holliston

Today, July 14th, the 14th day of my mission to eat a hot dog a day at a different venue to celebrate National Hot Dog Month, I stopped in at C and R Hot Dogs in Holliston, Massachusetts. There were a few surprises today, including an attempt at breaking a hot dog eating record! Follow […]

Jeannie’s Weenies

The other day, I went back to Holliston, to the corner of route 16 and Chestnut street to visit my first hot dog cart of the season.  

C & R Hot Dogs Redux

On a dreary May day, I decided to visit an “indoor” hot dog stand: C & R Hot Dogs located at 459B Washington Street in Holliston, MA. Their hours are Tuesday – Saturday: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Hot Dogs on the Run: Jeannie’s Weenies

Little Miss had her first Kindergarten introductory “playdate” at her new school today. As a reward, I told her I would take her out for a hot dog and we could do a Hot Dog Story together. We were on our way to Milford when we saw this sign on route 16 in Holliston, Massachusetts. […]

C & R Hot Dogs

On a hot August afternoon, I was cruising with little Miss in the convertible in search of some nourishment. We were driving down Washington Street (that’s route 16) when we came upon one of the area’s newest establishments C & R Hot Dogs in Holliston, MA. We usually stop at a hot dog truck, hot […]