What Goes In Hot Dogs? Pearl Meats Answers

Pearl Tour

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know it’s almost July- National Hot Dog Month! Pearl Meats, makers of premium, all natural, beef franks, is the Official National Hot Dog Month Tour frankfurter. Owners Bob Camelio and Bud Lazaro invited Drew and I down for a tour today to see how they make their dogs.

One of the questions people always ask is, “what the heck goes into hot dogs?” The jokes about beaks and hooves aside, it’s a valid question. What with Hebrew National being sued for not “answering to a Higher Authority,” the issue is at the forefront at the outset of National Hot Dog Month.

Bob and Bud gave us the complete tour of the facility today, and we saw what goes into their franks with our own eyes. Nothing but beef and some seasoning- that’s pretty much it! At one point in the hot dog making process, the meat looks like hamburger. The seasoning varies depending on who they are making dogs for. For instance, the Trader Joe’s franks Pearl makes are seasoned with celery salt and cherry powder- that’s all. Pearl uses no fillers or meat by-products and their dogs are gluten free.

Pearl is a premium manufacturer, not a huge food conglomerate. They got where they are today by using the finest ingredients and not skimping on quality. The result is one of the finest franks you’ll ever throw on the grill.¬†As a father of five, putting good, healthy food on the table is important. Our meals are nutritionally balanced, fresh cooked, and generally very wholesome. I wouldn’t have any qualms about putting Pearl Franks on our dinner menu; they make a fresh, natural frank.

So if you are concerned about what is in your hot dog, pick up some Pearls and don’t worry about “nasty stuff” that goes into it. There’s nothing but beef, baby! See for yourself.

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  1. Great video Rob! I do think they look better on a griddle or even better still on a buttered and toasted bun.
    Looking forward to seeing you in July.


  2. Is is grass fed beef?

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