Sullivan’s in South Boston

Sullivan's in South Boston

Sullivan’s on Castle Island in South Boston was stop number three on the National Hot Dog Month Tour 2012. I was brought to this iconic establishment by Aaron Socrat. Aaron stopped me at a community event a few months ago and asked if I’d ever been to Sullivan’s. I hadn’t, so he suggested we make it a stop on this year’s tour. Sullivan’s was Aaron’s favorite spot as a kid- he grew up in South Boston.

We did a whirlwind tour of Castle Island, chatted up manager Harry Markarian, yukked it up with the staff and a few patrons, and ordered up some grilled Kayem dogs on freshly grilled buns with a side of fries. Aaron waxed nostalgic about the old days and ordered up some fried clams too. I had my dog all around- that’s mustard, relish, and onion.

The Sullivan family has been slinging hot dogs in Southie since 1951. It’s in a great location- just at the edge of Castle Island, in the shadow of Fort Independence. The fort has been there in some form since 1634, so Sullivan’s is a relative new comer to the area! It’s a very busy area, especially on a gorgeous summer day. Planes fly into Logan airport right over the parking lot and tourists and summer camp groups flock to the fort. We were there at 10:30 and the place was packed! Aaron was very excited about “hosting” me at “his” hot dog joint, and I was glad he did. Sullivan’s is one of those iconic places etched into a community’s consciousness, and THAT’s what Hot Dog Stories is all about!

I’m glad we included this place- I shot a lot of footage for the “dogumentary.”

Today’s video really grabs the spirit of this place, enjoy.

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