Campus Trolley

Veggyhead, my oldest, is a senior in high school and is interested in studying nutrition in college. She hopes to go on to Medical School someday! She’s actually writing her college entrance essay about the trials and tribulations of being a vegetarian who has the Hotdogman for a dad.
She asked me to accompany her to the open house at the Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at Boston University one blustery October day.
I agreed, but while she was touring the college, I checked this place out:
It’s The Campus Trolley and it’s located in the parking lot right next door to the Sargent College!
This place is located at 665 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, right in the heart of the Boston University Campus. The Campus Trolley is Monday through Friday open all year from 11 AM ish to 7 PM ish, although they tend to close around 5PM as the weather gets colder.
What a great location– TONS of foot traffic with hungry college students everywhere! This is about 4 blocks from Fenway Park.
Husband and wife team Nadim and Diana Kiwan (Diana was camera shy) have run the Campus Trolley at this location for nine years. They emigrated from Beirut about 14 years ago and had always been involved with food. They found the Trolley in New Hampshire somewhere and began looking for a location. They were able to cut a deal with Boston University to lease space on the school’s property. Leasing space from BU directly cuts a lot of red tape in dealing with the City of Boston, though the standard health department requirements are still in force.
The Trolley is equipped with refrigeration, grills, steamers and the standard 4 sinks required in Massachusetts. It appears to be the same kind of trolley as Diezy’s Dogs– made in Everett, Massachusetts back in the 1960’s; Nadim was unsure of its origin.
Diana said Nadim was the boss when it came to the business, but Nadim said “she is the boss of my heart.” Can I get an “Aaawwwwww?”
The couple serves up Lebanese/American cuisine. There’s a wide variety of very yummy looking food that comes out of this little trolley: Falafel, grape leaf wraps, salads, kabobs, lentils, hommus, tabooli, roll ups-basically lots of HEALTHY stuff. There are, of course, HOT DOGS!
I ordered up an all around dog. They serve up a grilled Old Neighborhood Beef Frank served on a fresh sub roll. This is a big, honking dog!
I proceeded to CHOW DOWN.
Whoa! Hold on a sec- there’s something different going on here…
A DOUBLE DOG! I’m not sure if this is standard or if Nadim was trying to be nice. Either way, it was a good street dog and not pricey either. I will return if my daughter goes to school here- it’s a bit out of my regular travel zone, but I’m glad I got the story.
A definite TWO THUMBS UP from the Hotdogman!
Whether you go for the Falafel or the Hot Dogs, check out the Campus Trolley at 665 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston. Make sure you tell Nadim and Diana, “the Hotdogman sent me!”

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