The Dog House in Quincy Market

Mrs. HDM’s cousin came to town from Toronto for a weekend visit before Thanksgiving, so we took her into Boston for the day to do the “tourist thing.” After touring the Back Bay, Public Garden and the Boston Common, we headed over to the Faneuil Hall area for a little tour of the North End.
I spied this little trolley, it was made by the same trolley company that built Diezy’s Dogs and the Campus Trolley, but alas, they were selling tours, not hot dogs.

The girls wanted some lunch so we headed into the Quincy Market building in search of some nourishment.
Little Miss and I spied The Dog House; it was an easy choice. Mrs. HDM, my daughter the photobomber, and the aforementioned cousin headed out to find some other delights. Little Miss and I got in line for some Dog house hot dogs.
They grill their dogs at the Dog House. You can have corn dogs, regular dogs, foot long dogs, or Italian sausage. They serve all Kayem products at the Doghouse.
The Doghouse is owned by the Boston Chowda Company.
Our un-named host on the left got us our drinks. Lute, on the right, took care of our dogs.
I knew what I was having to drink. Fresh Lemonade hits the spot, even on a chilly, late autumn afternoon.
MMMM. Chili, sauteed onions, and melted cheese!
They were doing pretty good business on this day.
Little Miss and I ordered up and set out to find the rest of the gang in the atrium in the middle of Quincy Market.
The cousin got some fish and chips and CHOWDA.
Photobomber got baked ziti (I am told it tasted better than it looked).
Mrs. Hotdogman got some CHOWDA in one of those bread bowls-she was HUNGRY; it was gone when we met up with them! She polished off the rest of the “bowl” too.
Little Miss got her standard plain dog while I opted for a chili dog with cheese, sauteed onions, and mustard.


Time to….


This was a very good dog. They grilled it up so it had the perfect snap when biting into it. The chili was mild, the onions were sauteed perfectly, and the GOBS of cheese on top just put me over the top!
Little Miss gave The Doghouse TWO THUMBS UP!
The dogs were very good, if a bit pricey-$12.50 for two dogs and two drinks is a tad steep. The other food options are pricey too, for my money. I guess if you’re gonna do the “tourist thing,” you should expect tourist prices. Nonetheless, quality chow wins out, so the Hotdogman gives the Doghouse TWO THUMBS UP.
If you’re in Faneuil Hall or Quincy Market, and you have a hankering for a hot dog, check out the Doghouse. Tell whoever is minding the store, “Norm and the Hotdogman sent me!”

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