Archies on a Roll – National Hot Dog Month Day 27

Archies on a Roll is a hot dog truck at 420 Maple Street in Marlborough, Ma that has the distinction of being located at the spot where I used to park MY Hot Dog Truck! Owner Alan Archibald used to frequent my truck and ask me questions about the Hot Dog BusinessĀ and when I got […]

Archie’s on a Roll 2012

Alan Archibald, owner of Archie’s on a Roll in Marlborough, MA, is an old patron of The Hot Dog Truck. He used to come around for lunch and ask for advice when he was getting started out. Now he’s come full circle. Archie’s on a Roll is now parked out in front of Gold’s Gym […]

National Hot Dog Month Celebration 2011: Archie’s On A Roll

It’s July 7, day number 7 of my quest to eat a hot dog a day during National Hot Dog month. A friend of mine up in Vermont emailed me asking if there were any places to get a good Michigan Dog, so I decided to visit an old favorite: Archie’s on a Roll. Follow […]

Archie’s On a Roll, 2011

Today was a fine day for a drive out to Marlborough, Massachusetts to visit a hot dog friend, Alan Archibald. Alan owns Archie’s On A Roll, the only place to get a Michigan Dog in these parts. Archie’s is at One D’Angelo Drive in Marlborough, right out in front of the Ken’s Salad Dressing World […]

Archie’s on a Roll: an Autumn Redux

Ever since our trip to Canada last August, I’ve been telling Mrs. Hotdogman she needs to taste our local salute to Canadian cuisine: a Michigan Dog from Archie’s on a Roll. On an early autumn afternoon, we were running some errands and I steered us to the Ken’s Salad Dressing World HQ at 1 D’Angelo […]

Archie’s on a Roll

After a fun morning swimming at Walden Pond with Little Miss, we sought out a cure for our grumbling tummies. Today’s adventure brought us to Archie’s On A Roll at 1 D’Angelo Drive in Marlborough, MA.