Archies on a Roll – National Hot Dog Month Day 27

Archies on a Roll

Archies on a Roll is a hot dog truck at 420 Maple Street in Marlborough, Ma that has the distinction of being located at the spot where I used to park MY Hot Dog Truck! Owner Alan Archibald used to frequent my truck and ask me questions about the Hot Dog Business and when I got out of the game, he jumped right in with his Grumman Body Hot Dog Truck.

What Archies on a Roll has going for it that my truck didn’t is a succulent Michigan sauce. It’s Alan’s own, tried and true recipe and it’s the only Michigan Sauce available inside of 495, perhaps in all of Massachusetts. A Michigan sauce is like a Coney Island sauce, but it has some tomato in it (Coney sauce has no tomato) and it tends to be a bit sweeter than a Coney sauce. Whatever it is, I call it AWESOME!

Archies on a Roll makes an “Appalachian Dog” with Slawsa

Alan is a very knowledgable hot dog truck operator and has a deep appreciation for regional hot dog styles. When I dropped some Slawsa off at his truck, he came up with a nod to a West Virginia style hot dog called the “Appalachian Dog.” West Virginia hot dogs feature chili, onions, mustard, creamy cole slaw, and sometimes cheese. The Appalachian Dog at Archies on a Roll has Slawsa, his famous Michigan sauce, and onions – though two patrons ordered them with cheese while I was there. The resulting hot dog was excellent: the crunch and flavor of the Slawsa complemented the Michigan sauce perfectly. It was a new experimental dog that Alan might make a permanent part of the menu!

Archies on a Roll is open weekdays from 11-3. You can follow his wanderings to various events on his Facebook page. If you stop by, get an Archie dog and an Appalachian. Tell Alan “the Hotdogman sent me!”

Enjoy the video, it’s SLAWSOME!

I shoot Hot Dog Stories with a Kodak Zi8 camera with an Audio Technica ATR288W VHF Battery-Powered TwinMic Microphone System, a Flip Ultra HD camera, and a 60″tripod. I edit with Cyberlink PowerDirector 11 Ultimate. I will also take some stills with my new Canon EOS Rebel Camera.

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