Archie’s on a Roll 2012

Alan Archibald, owner of Archie’s on a Roll in Marlborough, MA, is an old patron of The Hot Dog Truck. He used to come around for lunch and ask for advice when he was getting started out. Now he’s come full circle. Archie’s on a Roll is now parked out in front of Gold’s Gym at 420 Maple Street in Marlborough- my old spot!

Little Miss and I were cruising for some lunch the other day, so we decided to pay Archie’s a visit. A Michigan Dog is the specialty of the house, so I ordered up. A Michigan Dog has Michigan Sauce on it. Michigan sauce is an all meat chili made with a tomato base. It’s slightly sweeter than Coney sauce (made famous in Detroit, Michigan). Coney sauce uses no tomatoes- that’s the distinction.

Michigan sauce is popular in upstate New York and Quebec. Alan is trying to bring that flavor to Massachusetts, and, if you ask me, he’s doing a fine job. The Michigan sauce is a damn fine hot dog topping! When I looked at the menu, I didn’t see it at first, but then Alan told me he’s re-branded his signature dogs for the new location. If you want the Michigan sauce, order an “Archie Dog.”

I wanted to stop and say hi since I won’t be seeing Alan on the National Hot Dog Month Tour. He was a featured tour stop last year and I am trying to limit my repeat visits in 2012. Even so, Alan was in good spirits and wished me well. He’s that type of guy.

This weekend, Alan will be slinging dogs in downtown Marlborough at the 4th Annual Main Street Car Show. Downtown Marlborough will be shut down so hundreds of antique, classic, and hot rod cars can be put on display. Alan is a Shriner and they put on the event every year. If you are in the area, you should check it out.

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