National Hot Dog Month 2011: Day 31 at Nick’s Original Coney Island Weiners in Fall River

For the last visit of my month long quest I visited Nick’s Original Coney Island Weiners in Fall River, MA. Nick’s has been in business since 1920 and the current owners, Fred and Marcie Beaudry are carrying on the tradition in fine fashion. Since I got home at around 10 PM tonight, I am saving […]

National Hot Dog Month 2011: Casey’s Diner in Natick, MA

The oldest hot dog joint in Massachusetts is Casey’s Diner. The Casey family has been selling hot dogs in Natick, Massachusetts since 1890. This visit was a quickie. I will be going back with a professional videographer to do a serious documentary on this place in the next month or two. Follow my National Hot […]

National Hot Dog month 2011: The Edge in Shrewsbury, MA

On July 22, the 22nd day of my quest to eat a hot a day in honor of Ntional Hot Dog Month, I went to Mrs. HDM’s favorite spot: The Edge. It was 102 degrees outside, so I wanted to go somewhere with air conditioning! The Edge is the former Edgemere Diner in Shrewsbury. Two […]

Pink’s Las Vegas

I went looking for hot dog joints in Las Vegas and made my way to Big Hurt’s Snack Shack. For my second Las Vegas Hot Dog Story, I chose a more well known spot: Pinks Las Vegas, located right on the Strip in front of Planet Hollywood casino. Pinks is a west coast hot dog […]

George’s Coney Island

With colder weather setting in, we, as a family, tend not to venture out of doors nearly as much as we do in the warmer months. The older kids don’t mind so much, but Little Miss gets “cabin fever” quicker than the rest of us. Thankfully, she was invited to a birthday party one recent, […]

Casey’s Diner

You really can’t get much more “old school” than Casey’s Diner at 36 South Avenue in Natick, Massachusetts. Little Miss and I were tooling around town on Veteran’s Day when a familiar question came out of the back seat: “Dad, can we go to Casey’s for lunch?” Tweet