Hotdogman meet Hamburgerman at Casey’s Diner

Casey’s Diner is a local fixture in these parts. The iconic little Worcester Lunch Car has been home to the Casey family since 1922. Current proprietor, Pat Casey, is the fourth generation of the family to operate the business which has been in Natick since 1890. There just aren’t many places like Casey’s left in […]

Casey’s Diner

You really can’t get much more “old school” than Casey’s Diner at 36 South Avenue in Natick, Massachusetts. Little Miss and I were tooling around town on Veteran’s Day when a familiar question came out of the back seat: “Dad, can we go to Casey’s for lunch?”

Rapid Ray’s

A lot of would-be hotdogmen think of their truck as the absolute, complete hot dog business. Oftentimes, this is true; but today’s story recalls a business that got started in a truck and grew to a much bigger and more permanent concern. On the last day before school started, I treated the girls to a […]