Hotdogman meet Hamburgerman at Casey’s Diner

Casey’s Diner is a local fixture in these parts. The iconic little Worcester Lunch Car has been home to the Casey family since 1922. Current proprietor, Pat Casey, is the fourth generation of the family to operate the business which has been in Natick since 1890. There just aren’t many places like Casey’s left in this world, so it is comforting to know it’s there.

Casey’s is famous for their hot dogs, but they serve some of the best hamburgers you’ll ever have too. With this in mind, I invited Richrd Chudy, from the Boston Burger Blog, out to Casey’s for lunch. Richard is on a continuous quest to find the perfect burger. National Hot Dog Month Tour videographer and mommy blogger supreme, Drew Bennet from the Benspark blog, came along for lunch too. He brought me a brand new Kodak HD Video Camera which Kodak generously donated to this year’s tour.

Drew and I met 4 years ago through blogging and we both enjoy meeting other bloggers, so we were psyched for today’s meet up. It also gave us a chance to talk about plans for the National Hot Dog Month Tour.



See more photos of our visit on The Hot Dog Truck.


  1. And Casey’s was voted #1 Hot Dog in New England in the Baby You’re The Best by NECN.
    I can’t wait to get there to try a dog and a burger.

  2. Visit “Franks Anatra” Birmingham, Michigan!! Talk about a Groovy Truck and a Far Out Cat!!

  3. Visit “Franks Anatra” in Birmingham, Michigan. Talk about a Groovy Truck!! And a laid back, far out dude!!

    The Birmingham Farmer’s Market, down town Birmingham, Michigan!! Hot Dogs, Sausages, Drinks, fun and Beach Blanket Party Vib!!!

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