American Coney Island in Las Vegas

American Coney Island is normally associated with Detroit, not Las Vegas. The original American Coney Island is an iconic Detroit institution that’s been run by the same family for three generations over 95 years. When I got wind they were opening a Las Vegas location, I gave owner Grace Keros a call. She said to […]

Rudy Ruettiger Answers THE QUESTION

Daniel Rudy Ruettiger, the plucky, never-say-die young man who followed his dream of playing football at Notre Dame despite overwhelming odds was the Keynote Speaker at Affiliate Summit West 2013 in Las Vegas. He shared his stories of how he accomplished that goal and many others in a life defined by┬ácharacter, courage, contribution, and commitment. […]

Pink’s Las Vegas 2012

The original Pink’s is a 73 year old Hollywood icon. The Pink family still runs the joint and they plan to bring their hot dog style to the rest of Hot Dog Nation. The first new store opened in Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas Strip nearly in 2009. Since then, they have opened another […]

Ketchup? On a Hot Dog?

I have a certain opinion about putting ketchup on a hot dog. There are specific rules on the subject too. During my recent trip to Las Vegas for Affiliate Summit West, I roamed the conference and asked “the Question.” The results are epic.

Pink’s Las Vegas

I went looking for hot dog joints in Las Vegas and made my way to Big Hurt’s Snack Shack. For my second Las Vegas Hot Dog Story, I chose a more well known spot: Pinks Las Vegas, located right on the Strip in front of Planet Hollywood casino. Pinks is a west coast hot dog […]

Big Hurt’s Snack Shack

I went out looking for hot dog joints in Las Vegas while at the Affiliate Summit West conference. I found lots of candidates, and Big Hurt’s Snack Shack was my first choice. It’s located right in front of Harrah’s Casino on The Strip in Las Vegas. Wade Tonkin, Football Fanatic and Ultimate Foodie, joined me […]