Starlite Diner – Flint, Michigan

We stopped at the Starlite Diner in Flint, Michigan on a road trip about half-way from Chicago to Niagara Falls. The Starlite Diner is known for its exceptional Flint style Coney Island sauce. While Coney Island sauce is a hamburger sauce wherever you get it, the Flint style is distinctive, as is the Starlite Diner. […]

Famous Franks – National Hot Dog Month Day 18

Famous Franks in North Grosvenordale, Connecticut is a rare gem of a place that’s been embraced by this northeastern Connecticut community. Owner Dan Rainey has a lot to do with the success of Famous Franks. He’s a corporate refugee who has built himself a home in the hot dog business. His customers come in for […]

Coney 1950 National Hot Dog Month Day 17

Coney 1950 at 119 Main Street in Webster, MA. It’s a new place serving up old-school style Coney Island Hot Dogs; there’s even a secret Coney sauce recipe! Unlike many other Coney Island Hot Dog joints I visit – most of which are several generations old, Coney 1950 is only two years old. Owner Art […]

Dees – National Hot Dog Month Day 16

Little Miss and I visited the Dees on Tarkiln Hill Road in New Bedford for the 2011 National Hot Dog Month Tour, with somewhat hilarious results. This year, we decided to go to Dees other location on Acushnet Ave and I promised to get Little Miss her very first Coney Island Dog! Dees does Coney […]

Charlies – National Hot Dog Month Day 15

Charlies Hot Dog Stand has been a fixture on Achusshnett Ave. in New Bedford since the 1930’s. The current owners are the fourth caretakers of this iconic little stand and they’re serving up grilled Kayems on grilled buns with their signature “meat sauce” that’s reminiscent of a Coney Island sauce. Niece Kristine was on the […]

The Oxford Creamery – National Hot Dog Month Day 14

The Oxford Creamery on route 6 in Mattapoisett is one of those ubiquitous summer shacks that dot the New England landscape. It’s the place you go for an ice cream with the family on a hot summer night or for a big basket of fried clams for a decadent dinner after a day at the […]

Coney Island Grill – National Hot Dog Month Day 7

The Coney Island Grill, located at 250 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street North in┬áSaint Petersburg, Florida is a third generation Coney Island Hot Dog Shop run by Pete Barlas. Pete recently took the business over from his dad, who’d been running the joint since the 1970’s. Pete’s grandfather started the business way back in […]

American Coney Island in Las Vegas

American Coney Island is normally associated with Detroit, not Las Vegas. The original American Coney Island is an iconic Detroit institution that’s been run by the same family for three generations over 95 years. When I got wind they were opening a Las Vegas location, I gave owner Grace Keros a call. She said to […]

Naughty Dawgs Express in Dartmouth, MA

National Hot Dog Month Tour stop number 29 brought myself, Little Miss, the Photobomber, and Miss Camera Shy to Naughty Dawgs Express in Dartmouth, MA. It’s very rare to have my teen gals accompany me on a Hot Dog Story (neither of them eat hot dogs), so this was an extra special outing. It wasn’t […]

Tex Barry’s in Taunton, MA

Day 19 of the National Hot Dog Month Tour found us back at Tex Barry’s- the Tex Barry’s in Taunton. The reason there are two businesses bearing the same name in such close proximity is Tex Barry’s used to be a franchise chain with 14 units. Only two remain: one in Attleborough and one in […]