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I went looking for hot dog joints in Las Vegas and made my way to Big Hurt’s Snack Shack. For my second Las Vegas Hot Dog Story, I chose a more well known spot: Pinks Las Vegas, located right on the Strip in front of Planet Hollywood casino. Pinks is a west coast hot dog icon. Paul Pink opened the business in 1939 out of a hot dog cart and built a permanent stand in 1946. Movie stars, well-known dignitaries, struggling musicians, businessmen, housewives, school children… all have savored Pink’s Famous Chili Dogs.
The Las Vegas Pinks doesn’t have the same history as the original, but they make the same dogs using the same brand franks and proprietary recipes. The big difference is the pricing; the original Pinks charges $3.50 for a chili dog- the Vegas version is far pricier!
I began my journey with a stroll down the Strip in Las Vegas. This is the view across from Pinks.
The sign out front is tame by the neon standard in Las Vegas.
There’s an outdoor menu…
…and a more detailed menu indoors.


The Las Vegas location is starting its own “Wall of Fame.” The original Pinks is known for having movie stars munching on chili dogs while on breaks at the nearby movie studios; when they eat there, they’ll often leave a photo.


Pinks was voted “Best New Restaurant” in 2009, not an easy feat in a city with so many dining options.


My server, Kelly, greeted me warmly. She was psyched to be on Hot Dog Stories.


They dress them up for you at Pinks…
…but you get your own drinks…
…unless you want one of these frozen drinks.
Like I said, the Vegas location is a tad pricey. The chili dog was $6.00- it’s only $3.50 at the original Pinks.
There’s my dinner! Pepsi, onion rings and a Pinks Chili Dog. They use Hoffy franks, proudly described as “Hollywood’s Original Hot Dog Stand Beef Frankfurter.” It’s an all beef frank in a natural casing. The chili is Pinks’ own concoction; people rave about it.
I grabbed my tray and surveyed the dining room- a gated off area on the sidewalk right on the Las Vegas Strip. 

Then it was time to

The lady who graciously snapped this picture owned a hot dog stand in Chicago for 5 years!
This was a good hot dog. It was plenty hot and it had that natural casing snap.The chili sauce was of the all meat variety- much like a Michigan or Coney Island sauce but with a little more zing and zest than the east coast varieties. The onion rings were the heavily battered kind- nothing special. I can see why Pinks is world renowned, it’s a solid hot dog. I’d love to visit the original Pinks someday- the hot dogs are delicious, it’s iconic and it was featured on A Hot Dog Program.

Despite the tourist trap pricing, the Hotdogman gives Pinks Las Vegas

When you are looking for a quality hot dog in Las Vegas, Pinks Las Vegas should be on your list. Even with the tourist pricing, it’s a good meal for a relatively (to Las Vegas) cheap price. Tell Kelly and whoever else is working when you stop in, “the Hotdogman sent me.”
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  1. I just saw this place on the Food Network. There really is a lot of history there. Great pictures too. Thanks.

  2. Yep, love Pinks and miss them too. been 6 years. I've had New York and chicago's finest.. A Pinks Chili Dog is like no other.. I' lived a few blocks away and there really is a line ALL THE TIME until 2AM.

  3. hotdogman says

    @ Brian- It was very good chili! A tad expensive for hot dogs, but the original is not as pricey as the Vegas location.

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