National Hot Dog Month 2011: Jeannie’s Weenies in Holliston, Massachusetts

Holliston’s only hot dog cart was my 19th stop on the quest to eat a hot dog a day during National Hot Dog Month: Jeannie’s Weenies. I have been to Jeannie’s before and Bruce, Jeannie’s husband, serves up the hottest dogs around. Since I have already done a full story on Jeannie’s Weenies, I was […]

Jeannie’s Weenies

The other day, I went back to Holliston, to the corner of route 16 and Chestnut street to visit my first hot dog cart of the season.  

Hot Dogs on the Run: Jeannie’s Weenies

Little Miss had her first Kindergarten introductory “playdate” at her new school today. As a reward, I told her I would take her out for a hot dog and we could do a Hot Dog Story together. We were on our way to Milford when we saw this sign on route 16 in Holliston, Massachusetts. […]