Jeannie’s Weenies

The other day, I went back to Holliston, to the corner of route 16 and Chestnut street to visit my first hot dog cart of the season.


A tempting special beckons passers by…
…to get them to stop at Jeannie’s Weenies.
They were open for business!
Jeannie’s Weenies is a hot dog cart, a Ben’s Big Dog cart to be exact, that turns out some of the hottest, steamed Old Neighborhood franks you will find anywhere.
Jeannie’s Weenies is owned by Bruce and Jeannie Farago, a husband and wife team. Bruce works the cart while Jeannie does the “behind the scenes” stuff (in addition to being a mom and bar tending).
The Big Dog cart has all the little extras- like this dog eze bun holder- to make serving up dogs fast and easy.
A big selling point for the Farago’s was the condiment tray that is separated from the cooking area.
Chili dogs were the order of the day!
A definite TWO THUMBS UP!
If you are driving down route 16 in Holliston and you’re looking for a good lunch, check out Jeannie’s Weenies, and tell Bruce “the Hotdogman sent me!”
For the rest of the story, check out the video:

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