Chicago Hot Dogs and Ketchup – My Kind of Town

“When in Rome” goes the old saying and when I was in Chicago, I wanted to know how Chicagoans felt about Chicago hot dogs and ketchup.Chicago Hot Dogs and Ketchup

It’s no secret the Hotdogman LOATHES ketchup on hot dogs, but I wanted to find outĀ if the rumors of city-wide disdain for the “cop-out condiment” was real. While spending some time as a guest of Hot Dog University at the Vienna Beef plant and vacationing in the city of broad shoulders, I asked people all over town THE QUESTION:

“Do you put ketchup on your hot dogs?”

I DID go to several hot dog joints both on the road to and from Chicago and in the city itself. I also toured Vienna Beef and attended Hot Dog University. There are plenty of Hot Dog Stories about those visits to follow, but I felt it fitting to put my findings up for all to see!

Chicago Hot Dogs and Ketchup – Myth or Reality?

I ask people from all walks of life “THE QUESTION” and I must say (with a certain amount of disdain) that about 50% of people DO put ketchup on their hot dogs. Chicago is known for its love of encased meats and its citizens shun the red stuff.

What I did to document this correlation of Chicago hot dogs and ketchup is carry my camera around the city, asking random people “THE QUESTION.” I am happy to say, the results were satisfactory! The people of Chicago were friendly and by and large very good sports.

MOST of them answered properly, too.

The following video is a montage of answers to THE QUESTION from the good people of Chicago, from cops to street vendors to local business people to Wrigley Field patrons – there are even a few answers from Vienna Beef executives.

Enjoy the video about Chicagoans expressing their feelings about Chicago Hot Dogs and Ketchup!

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