Victor Matera Answers THE QUESTION

I recently attended the 11th Annual New Jersey Hot Dog Tour and got a chance to meet Victor Matera. Victor appears in many movies, including A Bronx Tale, The Godfather Part Two, Scarface, and more. Victor was telling other tour attendees he’s always getting “whacked” in the movies – I guess it’s an occupational hazard! […]

Chicago Hot Dogs and Ketchup – My Kind of Town

“When in Rome” goes the old saying and when I was in Chicago, I wanted to know how Chicagoans felt about Chicago hot dogs and ketchup. It’s no secret the Hotdogman LOATHES ketchup on hot dogs, but I wanted to find out¬†if the rumors of city-wide disdain for the “cop-out condiment” was real. While spending […]

Snappy Dogs – National Hot Dog Month Day 23

Lisa and Teresa over at Snappy Dogs have one of the funkiest hot dog trailers around. They’ve been grilling up Pearl All Beef Franks and topping them with their home-made condiments for four years now and they’re a Hot Dog Stories favorite. Since the theme of this year’s National Hot Dog Month Tour is “all […]

Rudy Ruettiger Answers THE QUESTION

Daniel Rudy Ruettiger, the plucky, never-say-die young man who followed his dream of playing football at Notre Dame despite overwhelming odds was the Keynote Speaker at Affiliate Summit West 2013 in Las Vegas. He shared his stories of how he accomplished that goal and many others in a life defined by¬†character, courage, contribution, and commitment. […]

Ketchup? On a Hot Dog?

I have a certain opinion about putting ketchup on a hot dog. There are specific rules on the subject too. During my recent trip to Las Vegas for Affiliate Summit West, I roamed the conference and asked “the Question.” The results are epic.