Wrigley Field

What trip to Chicago would be complete without a trip to Wrigley Field? Baseball and hot dogs go together like -well – baseball and hot dogs, so we scheduled an appearance at the iconic park on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 to see the Cubs play the San Francisco Giants. As a die-hard Red Sox fan, […]

Hot Doug’s

When word got out last May that Hot Doug’s would shutter its doors FOREVER on October 3, 2014, I knew I had to make a pilgrimage with the Hot Dog Stories “crew.” Since opening in 2001 (it’s been at the 324 N. California Ave. location since early 2005), Hot Doug’s became a Chicago icon. Internationally recognized […]

Hot Dog University

I was invited to Hot Dog University by Mark Reitman, PHD (Professor of Hot Dogs) to proctor the classes and get an honorary “Hot Dogtorate” degree. Professor Reitman is a Hot Dog Stories fan and he wanted to meet and showcase his educational institution, which is located at the Vienna Beef plant in Chicago. Hot […]

Chicago Hot Dogs and Ketchup – My Kind of Town

“When in Rome” goes the old saying and when I was in Chicago, I wanted to know how Chicagoans felt about Chicago hot dogs and ketchup. It’s no secret the Hotdogman LOATHES ketchup on hot dogs, but I wanted to find out if the rumors of city-wide disdain for the “cop-out condiment” was real. While spending […]