Tex Barry’s in Taunton, MA

Tex Barry's in Taunton

Day 19 of the National Hot Dog Month Tour found us back at Tex Barry’s- the Tex Barry’s in Taunton. The reason there are two businesses bearing the same name in such close proximity is Tex Barry’s used to be a franchise chain with 14 units. Only two remain: one in Attleborough and one in Taunton.


Tony bought the hot dog business back in 1984, but not as a franchise. He bought the business lock, stock, and barrel. Tony uses the same recipe for his Coney Island sauce and makes them in the classic fashion: mustard, sauce, and chopped onions. He doesn’t put celery salt on the dogs because he feels people “have their own taste for salt.”

Tex Barry's Taunton

The old school looking hot dog joint is located in an old block right in the center of Taunton. Tony says he has the best view in town- he can see everything that’s going on in the square from his perch.

Tony's view

The entire building once housed an old hardware store back in the day. Now it looks like a throw back to a late 1940’s diner with twenty stools.

photo wall at Tex barry's

The most prominent feature in the room is a wall covered with photos of patrons from years past.  There are easily 10,000 photos. Tony says people like coming back and looking for their pictures. He pointed out many pictures of kids  who now have kids (and grandkids in some cases) of their own.

Loading them up with sauce

Without any further ado, we ordered up some dogs all the way: mustard, sauce and onions. I put celery salt on mine and so did Drew.

My Tex Barry's Coney

I headed on over to the wall and chowed down!

chowing down at Tex Barry's in Taunton

GOOD LORD! Where is my Pearl baseball cap!?!?!?!

Enjoy the Video

Kim and Tony


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  1. there used to be a tex barry’s hot dog place in middletown, ri, on coddington highway and west main road.


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