Tex Barry’s Coney Island Diner, Attleborough, MA

Day 16 of the National Hot Dog Month Tour brought us to an iconic, Worcester Lunch Car in Attleborough, MA called Tex Barry’s Coney Island Diner. Situated ¬†on the edge of Ten Mile River, right off the center of town, Tex Barry’s has been a local institution since the 1960’s. Owner¬†Arthur Bombardier is the second […]

Luke’s Coney Island in St. Petersburg

On my recent trip to Florida, I went to visit Nardo’s Natural World HQ to meet with three of the four Mastronardo boys. They were recently featured on the Shark Tank and were funded by Barbara Corcoran. I planned to interview Kyle Nardo about his Shark Tank experiences, but before we got down to business, […]

Onion Crunch- it’s “Crunyumchy”

Nick Loeb, best known as Sofia Vergara’s boyfriend, is an entrepreneur and politician. He recently sent me a big container of his new Onion Crunch- a kind of roasted onion condiment that’s great on hot dogs. I wanted to try it out, so I went down to Zipity Do Dog in Framingham to field test […]

Tex Barry’s Coney Island Diner in Attleboro, MA

Here’s the video of our visit to Tex Barry’s Coney Island Diner in Attleboro, Massachusetts. Tweet

National Hot Dog Month 2011: Day 31 at Nick’s Original Coney Island Weiners in Fall River

For the last visit of my month long quest I visited Nick’s Original Coney Island Weiners in Fall River, MA. Nick’s has been in business since 1920 and the current owners, Fred and Marcie Beaudry are carrying on the tradition in fine fashion. Since I got home at around 10 PM tonight, I am saving […]

National Hot Dog Month 2011: George’s Coney Island in Worcester

George’s is one of the few Hot Dog joints in this part of Massachusetts that can claim the term iconic. From the rich, multi-generational family history of ownership to the original 1930’s art deco decor to the community love for the place, you can just tell right away it’s special. Owner Kathryn Tsandikos thinks it […]

National Hot Dog Month Celebration 2011- Dee’s Hot Dogs in New Bedford

I went to a place “cold” today. I found Dee’s Hot Dogs in New Bedford on the Google and, other than some online reviews, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Dee’s did not disappoint! Check out the video: Follow my progress on The Hot Dog Truck. Tweet