Tex Barry’s Coney Island Diner, Attleborough, MA

Tex Barry's Coney Island Diner

Day 16 of the National Hot Dog Month Tour brought us to an iconic, Worcester Lunch Car in Attleborough, MA called Tex Barry’s Coney Island Diner. Situated  on the edge of Ten Mile River, right off the center of town, Tex Barry’s has been a local institution since the 1960’s.

Tex Barry's on the Ten Mile River

Owner Arthur Bombardier is the second generation owner of this local favorite that’s known for  grilled franks with Coney Island Sauce.

Arthur Bombardier

Arthur started working at Tex Barry’s with his mom when he was just 15 years old. He bought the business from her back in 1985 and he’s never had any other job in his life. What a lucky guy! Arthur still uses the original Tex Barry’s Coney Island sauce recipe, but he’s not giving up the secret. Tex Barry’s was once a 14 unit strong franchise operation, with units all over southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Today only two remain. I’ll be visiting the other Tex Barry’s on Thursday.

tex barry attleboro hours

We picked a good day to visit- Arthur took the first two weeks of July off and this was his first day back. Drew and I usually arrive early to make sure we don’t interfere with lunch. There were a few regulars sipping coffee in the back, but otherwise, the place was empty.

chatting with arthur

 By 11:30, the place was slammed with people chowing down on Tex Barry’s signature Coney Sauce.

slammed at lunch

One of the things I love about hot dog joints that have been in a community for a long time is the, well, communal feel to the place. There were customers from infants up to the elderly and everything in between, all interacting together and sharing the genuine warmth of the place. You just don’t find a lot of places, hot dog joint or otherwise, that have this sense of community. Above all the chatter in the tiny diner with 9 counter seats, Arthur and the staff can be heard hollering out orders and wisecracks to eagerly waiting patrons.

interviewing customers at Tex barry's

I milled around and chatted up the regulars, young and old alike. Everyone was very friendly and a few folks came down just because we were going to be there! We got great footage and once again Drew Bennett took some terrific pictures of our visit which can be seen on the Hot Dog Stories Facebook page. Drew lives in Attleborough, so he had a little family picnic with his wife and kids.

a benspark coney island picnic

I ordered up one with sauce, onions, and mustard.

my dog at tex barry's

You know the deal…..

chow tex barry

HAPPY NATIONAL HOT DOG MONTH! From Tex Barry’s Coney Island Diner!

Check Out the video!

HAPPY NATIONAL HOT DOG MONTH! From Tex Barry's Coney Island Diner!

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  2. there used to be a tex barry’s hot dog place in middletown, ri, on coddington highway and west main road.


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