Larry Joe’s New England Fire Pit – National Hot Dog Month Day 25

New England Fire PitNational Hot Dog Month just wouldn’t be the same without a trip to Larry Joe’s New England Fire Pit. In this week of “old friends with a new twist,” Larry Joe had a couple of new developments to share. First, he’s moving his location in August – thankfully right across the street from his current spot. He had to move because Westwood Lumber, the business that occupied the building where Larry Joe’s New England Fire Pit is located, shut down. In its place will be a new gas station and convenience store plus office space; the new tenants require more parking, so Larry Joe will be moving. Be sure to watch the Larry Joe’s New England Fire Pit Facebook Page for new developments.

The other new development is Larry Joe was sampling Slawsa at his eponymously named New England Fire Pit today. Slawsa is a mustard slaw that can be found on supermarket shelves across the country. It’s available locally at Roche Brothers Supermarkets. I had a Pit Dog with Slawsa, cranberry relish and onions and was it good!

Larry Joe’s New England Fire Pit Smokes Half Pound Pearl Franks

Larry Joe does things old school at the New England Fire Pit. He marinates his half pound, all-beef Pearl Franks in apple juice, molasses, and some “secret ingredients.” He slaps those marinated franks on a grill fueled by hickory wood and smokes them until they split the natural casing. The result is a flavorful, hot, smoky slice of hot dog heaven on earth! Larry learned this method from world-famous Boston Speed, a Boston hot dog icon for nearly 40 years. Speed learned the method from the cooks in the FDR White House who served this same style of hot dog to the King and Queen of England!

It’s always a blast going to Larry Joe’s New England Fire Pit. The dogs are THE BOMB and there’s always a lively crowd of Fanatic Fans; it makes for a fun, hot dog experience.

Enjoy the video.

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