Larry Joe’s New England Fire Pit – National Hot Dog Month Day 25

National Hot Dog Month just wouldn’t be the same without a trip to Larry Joe’s New England Fire Pit. In this week of “old friends with a new twist,” Larry Joe had a couple of new developments to share. First, he’s moving his location in August – thankfully right across the street from his current […]

Larry Joe’s New Stage

If you’re looking for Larry Joe’s New England Fire Pit, you can now find Sir Lawrence of Frankfurter in the parking lot of Westwood Lumber at 23 Cape Road (that’s route 140) in Mendon, MA. Larry was asked to leave his past location when new owners purchased the property. The new owners screwd up IMHO, […]

Wally Dogs

On yet another delightful, mid-October day, I was compelled to go for a ride with the top down-there won’t be many more “top down” days this year. Hot Dogs were on my mind and I remembered a place Hot Dog Mary told me about when we visited her back in the summertime. As I cruised […]