Wieners Circle

wieners circleThe Wiener’s Circle is that place in Chicago where you can get a good hot dog and a side of abuse. The place is renowned for the “abrupt” language of the staff and the sometimes racially laced interactions between patrons and staff. Foul language and good food are the order of the day, but most of the shenanigans take place on weekend nights after the bars close.

We visited the Wieners Circle on a Tuesday night after going to Wrigley Field for a Cubs game that was shortened due to rain, so the action was a bit muted. The staff and a few patrons did favor us with some “F-bombs” for atmosphere, but it wasn’t anything like a Friday or Saturday night!

Wieners Circle Fare

The small stand is a hamburger and hot dog joint. We saw some burgers coming out (they looked and smelled great), but we were there for some Vienna Beef hot dogs and Polish sausage.

The place is only a mile or so from Wrigley Field, in the Lincoln Park section of the city. The staff, when they weren’t “in character” was actually very nice. They made sure my 9-year-old was outside and out of earshot when they performed their signature “schtick,” which we appreciated!

As for the dogs, they were full on Chicago style through and through. Hot, tasty, and freshly prepared. The Wieners Circle served us the best fries we had in Chicago too; Mrs. HDM said they’d make good Poutine!

While it would be fun to go when things get wild, we were happy with our Wieners Circle experience.

Our video captures our experience. Enjoy.

This video gives a better look at the “whole” Wieners Circle experience – including the somewhat ugly side that appears when folks have a few too many.

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