That’s My Dog, Wrentham, MA

That's My Dog

The National Hot Dog Month Tour stopped at That’s My Dog in Wrentham, MA for the 20th stop. Owner Mike Hogan was fired up and even had his family in attendance. Mike’s a busy guy- he works third shift at the Chrysler parts distribution center and runs his cart from 11AM to 2PM and does catering gigs on weekends! When he sleeps is a mystery.

Wrentham Village Outlets

That’s My Dog has a great location for a successful hot dog business: Mike’s located across from the Wrentham Village Outlets and…

new outlets

…right next door to a new, 30 odd store annex to the Outlets! He told me That’s My Dog’s best sales day was Black Friday last year; people were hopping out of their cars in the heavy holiday traffic to grab some dogs!


Mike could change That’s My Dog’s name to “Junkyard Dogs;” the rear of the property he’s parked on is a junkyard!

mike's address

Mike built his cart himself. He used plans from Steve  Schiable, creator of Hot Dog Biz 101. He’s got steamed dogs, dirty water dogs, and grilled dogs and sausage. He also has a unique chili set up.

the cart

I brought Mike some Jalapeno Pearl Franks and some quarter pound Pearls to grill up. I also brought some Onion Crunch, and a tour tee shirt from DreamMaker Hot Dog Carts. I feel like Santa Claus, if Santa went out delivering goodies to hot dog vendors in July!

Pearl Franks

Mike slapped those quarter pounders on the grill….

Pearls grilling

…and made us some dogs “all around crunchy.” (that’s mustard, relish, onions, and Onion Crunch)

my dog at that's my dog

Does that look delicious or what?

Chowing Down at That's My Dog

We all chowed down on those juicy, grilled Pearl Franks! (Doesn’t that apron look cute on Mike?)

Mike appears to have a good thing going. He’s still new at the hot dog game- it’s only his second (and a half) season and he’s on his third location. It looks like his new spot is a winner.

Enjoy the Video….some interesting revelations in this one: let’s just say Mike gets schooled on condiment choices- and for once it’s not just me doing the schooling!


happy mike hogan

The National Hot Dog Month 2012 Tour is brought to you by:
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Onion Crunch
Pearl Meats

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