Smokin Dogs – National Hot Dog Month 2013 Day 3

smokin dogs sign

Smokin Dogs owner Paul Donahoe got his inspiration from Hot Dog Stories alum Fred’s Franks over in Wakefield, MA. Paul was a loyal patron for many years and when he left the construction industry a few years ago, he decided to “live the dream” and open up Smokin Dogs. He emulated the Big Green Egg and the trailer style. He also made the choice to offer Pearl Franks along with his assortment of home-made condiments.

Smokin Dogs Trailer

The Smokin Dogs Trailer is a wood frame structure built out on an old landscaping trailer. It’s similar to Snappy Dogs and Fred’s Franks in that respect, but it has its own “personality” too. From the wild custom logo to the bright, open “floor plan,” Smokin Dogs has it going on! Paul has his trailer at several different locations, depending on the day; you can check his schedule on the Smokin Dogs Facebook Page.

Paul also does catering and he offers more than hot dogs for special events. Basically, he’ll design a menu according to your wants and needs. If you can grill it on a Big Green Egg, he’ll cook it for you! All his dogs (and other grilled items) are cooked over lump charcoal with apple wood for that smokey flavor.

Smokin Dogs was scheduled to be on the 2012 National Hot Dog Month Tour, but Paul had some zoning issues with the town of Woburn. He’s since relocated to Burlington, MA which is a tad more “vendor friendly.” After trying some of Smokin Dogs grilled Pearls, I can say it was worth the wait!

Enjoy the video!

I shoot Hot Dog Stories with a Kodak Zi8 camera with an Audio Technica ATR288W VHF Battery-Powered TwinMic Microphone System, a Flip Ultra HD camera, and a 60″tripod. I edit with Cyberlink PowerDirector 11 Ultimate. I will also take some stills with my new Canon EOS Rebel Camera.


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