Pre Hot Dog Month Visit to Snappy Dogs


After a visit to Pearl Franks the other day, I found myself very well stocked with a variety of their franks. We’ll be touring the factory in a couple of weeks, so we had a preliminary meeting at their world HQ in Randolph, MA. They sent me home with samples, some of which I’ll be handing out during the National Hot Dog Month Tour.

I also got the first proof of the official Tour Tee Shirts- sponsored by DreamMaker Hot Dog Carts.

National Hot Dog Month Tee Shirts

Pretty snazzy, eh?

I  recently received several cases of Onion Crunch too. We will be handing out Onion Crunch throughout July as well.

One of my favorite little trailers is Snappy Dogs in Hopkinton, MA. I have even worked a few shifts there with Theresa (when Lisa has other commitments). Every Friday, the ladies concoct a special, gourmet inspired hot dog. Snappy Dogs is on this year’s tour, so I wanted to make sure Lisa had a “tour appropriate” special for our July visit. I decided to swing by with Little Miss, Hotdogman Jr., and a visiting friend from Germany.

Our goal was to issue a challenge to Lisa (a la “Chopped”) and to enjoy some hot dogs. My challenge is that Lisa must incorporate a Pearl Jalapeno Dog, Onion Crunch, and Coleman’s Prepared Mustard into the special dog on the day we visit.

Check out the video to see if Lisa is up to the challenge!

Another special thing about Snappy Dogs is the home made relishes available at the trailer. Lisa and Theresa make relishes with garden fresh ingredients and serve them on their dogs. When they have an abundance of product, they sell it by the jar at the trailer.

I got wind that Hawk Krall, the Official Hot Dog Connoisseur who publishes The Hot Dog of the Week over at Serious Eats was doing a piece on relish, so I cornered Lisa and asked her about her craft.

Check out the video to see why Lisa relishes her business!

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