Snappy Dogs Opening Day 2013

snappy dogs grand opening day 2013Snappy Dogs is the closest place for me to get a nice, grilled Pearl Frank, so when the ladies announced Opening Day 2013 was April 8, I marked my calendar! After a winter that dumped over 100 inches of snow, only a week before opening day 2013, there was a BIG pile of snow where the Snappy trailer usually parks.

Teresa shoveled day and night for a week to get the spot ready!

Red Sox Opening Day 2013

Snappy Dogs is quickly becoming a local favorite and opening day 2013 was shared by another local favorite: April 8 was also the Red Sox home opener, a game they won 3-1 over Baltimore. As Lisa and Teresa fed the hungry masses that thronged to their “cute little trailer,” they began running out of food! They’ll be sure to order more for Patriot’s Day when they’ll be parked on the Hopkinton Town Common to participate in all the Boston Marathon festivities. Not many runner scarf down a Snappy Dog before the 26 mile run to Boston, but the fans think they’re tops!

The trailer is situated differently this season, allowing for smoother flow with the condiments and more seating. The ladies were obviously hard at work this winter as the full array of Snappy Dog home-made condiments were on hand. The condiments include several kinds of mustard, the red stuff (for the kids), zucchini relish, cranberry relish, rhubarb chutney, spicy slaw, green tomato relish, watermelon rind chutney, jerk ketchup, wasabi mayo, and Dr. Pepper bbq sauce.  Unfortunately, they ran out of chili!

I mingled with the multitudes for a bit, then ordered up a Big Dog with red onion relish, spicy slaw, zucchini relish and Gulden’s mustard. I haven’t had a grilled Pearl since last September; that first crackling bite was a sign that summer (and the 2013 National Hot Dog Month Tour) isn’t far away!

As usual, Lisa and Teresa were cutting it up with the crowd as they served them their dogs. It was a true Grand Opening Day 2013!

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