National Hot Dog Month Celebration 2011: Zippity Do Dog

Zippity Do Dog is a new twist on one of my favorite local hot dog joints. Owner Mike Gerrol changed the name from The Trolley Stop at the beginning of this season to put his own brand on the business. He purchased the business from Diane Dupres of Diezy’s Dogs a couple of years ago.

One thing he hasn’t changed is the fine selection of custom hot dogs- the Hawaiian Dog is one of my absolute favorites.

Here’s a video of my visit.

You can get the rest of the story on The Hot Dog Truck.


  1. Anthony.F, Owner HotDogs and More says

    I think it is a cool and interesting service you provide,showing the mode of operation for the small guy,and gal ,HotDog Vendor,trying to make an honest buck.I sold HotDogs back about twelve yrs or so ago and I HAD A BLAST DOING IT. I recently got my business liscense, and will apply for my B.O.H certificate and will be getting back out there soon to sell some Sabretts, Munch on Mr HotDogMan,and If u Are ever down my way here in Good Old HydePark N.Y drop me an Email before hand, and I will hook you up with an UnderDog as I call it,Cheese,Mustard And Onion ,beneath the HotDog.I just found your website this evening, and will surely follow u through your quest of eating a HotDog a day for the month of July.

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