Montreal Steamies

In Montreal, in all of Quebec actually our hot dogs are known as ‘steamies.’ And the best of those can be found in Montreal’s red light area on the main (St.Lawrence Street or Rue St. Laurent in French)..they make the best dang dogs bar none.

The joints that sell them are quickly becoming scarce as the powers that be want to spruce up that area of the downtown core. Still die hard steamie fans can be found there at any time of the day or night to get their fix. The price is right 50 cents to a buck will get you a steamed dog in top loading (New England style) hot dog bun, throw in a little more coin and get yourself some real fires. Toppings are mustard, relish, coleslaw and onion.

That’s what Montreal steamies are…mmmm..mmmm..good!

Submitted by Mary B.

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