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Louie's Hot DogsOn a trip to beautiful Wilmington, North Carolina, our continuing quest for hot dogs brought us to a tiny shop on Princess Street called Louie’s Hot Dogs. Louie’s has been open since 1989 and has had several owners. Former owner Mary Garner recently returned to Louie’s Hot Dogs as the manager after noticing the place had gone down hill a bit since she sold it.

Louie’s Hot Dogs Visit

Mary loves the hot dog biz and it was evident she enjoys caring for her customers in a friendly manner. The menu has a variety of hot dog concoctions, all named for Wilmington area attractions. I had a “Front Street Dog,” which was chili, mustard and onions on a 1/8 Baker and Chefs All Beef Skinless Frank – very much like a Coney Island Dog (or a Texas Wiener or a Michigan Dog etc). The dog and chili were hot and the mustard Mary put on paired well with the chili – it was a tasty hot dog!

Little Miss and I hung out for a while and it was a busy little place around lunch time. At one point, the line went ten deep and out onto the sidewalk. Mary seemed to know a lot of her customers and it was kind of like being at a cookout. She definitely enjoys the hot dog business.

We were a bit cramped in the small shop with our camera equipment, but we managed to get an interview with Mary and spoke to some of her patrons. It was a very pleasant lunch in a town I plan to call home very soon. We’ll surely be back to Louie’s Hot Dogs again!

Louie’s is located at 204 1/2 Princess Street in Wilmington, NC. The hours are daily 11-5.

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Enjoy the video!

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