JJ’s Junction – National Hot Dog Month Day 20

JJ's JunctionJJ’s Junction, located at 2 Pleasant Street in beautiful downtown Cohasset, Massachusetts, was the 20th featured hot dog  joint for National Hot Dog Month 2013. I went to Cohasset to get an update interview with Tracy Noonan from Wicked Good Cupcakes; she was on Shark Tank a few months ago and got a deal with Kevin O’Leary. After we chatted in her Cohasset bakery, Tracy agreed to be a special “guest dogger” for this episode of Hot Dog Stories!

Despite Tracy’s admitted use of the red stuff on her hot dogs, we went along to JJ’s Junction, which is right next to the railroad crossing in downtown Cohasset. JJ’s Junction is a cute little hot dog/ice cream stand that’s been in Cohasset for 20 years. Lily, the owner, wasn’t present, but a few patrons had wonderful things to say about her – and the hot dogs.

JJ’s Junction Grills up Kayem Old Time Franks

Grilled Kayems and grilled buns are the backbone of the menu at JJ’s Junction. There’s also a big selection of soft serve and regular ice cream. It’s a popular spot with the locals and tourists alike. The good folks at Slawsa (who want to ban boring condiments) sent along a food service sized, gallon jug which we presented to the young women minding the shop. They put the Slawsa on our dogs, but Tracy and the girls had a conspiratorial plan afoot!

Tracy, a Dorchester native who has her one of her two (soon to be three) shops in Cohasset, had never been to JJ’s Junction. She was a real good sport and, surprisingly, seemed to get a kick out of participating in some Hot Dog Stories silliness! You can check out JJ’s Junction on their Facebook Page. If you stop by, tell them “the Hotdogman sent me!”

Enjoy the video.

I shoot Hot Dog Stories with a Kodak Zi8 camera with an Audio Technica ATR288W VHF Battery-Powered TwinMic Microphone System, a Flip Ultra HD camera, and a 60″tripod. I edit with Cyberlink PowerDirector 11 Ultimate. I will also take some stills with my new Canon EOS Rebel Camera.

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