Return of the Shnurble – Fred’s Franks

Fred's Franks ReturnsLet it be known: on April 1, 2015, Fred’s Franks, creator of The Shnurble, returned to its spot on┬áLake Quannapowitt in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Last year, the town fathers removed Fred’s from the spot after receiving a complaint from a disgruntled local store owner. In Wakefield, mobile vendors are allowed to stay in one spot for two hours.

Fred’s Franks Plan

Carl (yes – the owner of Fred’s Franks is named Carl) sought out other locations last year, but he’s committed to serving Wakefield as Fred’s has for 10+ years. He’s parking in his “regular” spot (just off the rotary at route 128 exit 40) for two hours each day, then at 2 PM he’ll move to the other side of the lake – just off exit 39. It’s a bit of a pain to move, but Carl thinks the Lake is a great location.

That’s not all – Carl’s scouting a brick and mortar location in the area. He wants to expand the Fred’s brand and bring the Shnurble to a wider audience. Wherever he ends up, he’ll continue to cook with the Big Green Egg grills he’s always used.

More than just a Shnurble

In addition to piping hot, grilled Pearl All Beef Franks, Fred’s serves up Italian sausages, kielbasa, Chirico, and burgers. EVERYTHING on Fred’s menu is grilled to perfection and beyond delicious, but the Shnurble takes things to another level.

A Shnurble comes in 3 sizes: regular (1/8 pound frank), jumbo (1/4 pound frank), and super jumbo (1/2 pound frank). Along with the grilled Pearl, a Shnurble has a half link of Chirico and it’s topped with sweet cabbage, mayonaisse, and “ShirachaBaba” sauce (half Siracha sauce – half barbecue sauce). The ingredients compliment each other and the resulting taste is just out of this world. The Shnurble is on my list of best sandwiches EVAH! At Fred’s, the condiments are self-serve, so you need to know how to properly top a Shnurble, but there’s signage to help the newbies.

I, along with a throng of Fred’s faithful, am glad to see Carl and the gang back. I was a half hour early and by the time they opened, at least twenty people were lined up. The crowd didn’t get any smaller, either. Welcome back Fred’s!

Enjoy the video!

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