Fred’s Franks in Wakefield, MA

Fred's Franks

The National Hot Dog Month 2012 Tour stopped in Wakefield, MA today for a visit to one of the three “Pearls” of greater Boston mobile hot dog vendors: Fred’s Franks. Owner Carl Galasso was out cooking on the Green Eggs, wearing his signature shades. We brought by some Pearl Jalapeno Franks so he could cook us up an ATOMIC SHNURBLE!

Fred Franks' owner Carl Galasso- sporting the shades

As usual, the Green Eggs were all fired up and loaded with Pearl All Beef Franks, sausages and Chourico. The Shnurble is a Pearl Frank (in regular, jumbo, or monster size) with sweet cabbage, mayonnaise, Carl’s “Sharashababa” sauce, and Chourico. I coined the aforementioned ATOMIC SHNURBLE today; I will be honored if Carl continues to use thatĀ monikerĀ for one of the funkiest hot dogs you will ever eat.

Shnurbles on the grill

Today marked Drew Bennet’s first appearance on the tour this year. He’s helping me out with the video and he’s taking pictures for the Hot Dog Stories Facebook Page and his Benspark Blog. He’ll also be sampling the food alongside me. Drew opted for a Jumbo Shnurble today- a half pound Pearl all beef frank. That is one big, honking hot dog!

Drew Bennet and a Jumbo Shnurble

It was so big, Drew had to take a little nap afterwards!

Drew Bennet got Shnurbled

I had a regular Shnurble with a Pearl Jalapeno Frank (ATOMIC SHNURBLE)….


…and ceremoniously chowed down!

Chowing Down!

Carl and I yucked it up on camera and Drew and I shot a bunch of good footage for the upcoming “dogumentary.”

Me and Carl

After a bit of a wait, the video of our visit to Fred’s franks is UP!


Happy National Hot Dog Month!


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