Anita’s Sand Castle

While vacationing in Venice, Florida with my family, Little Miss, Mrs. Hotdogman and I found ourselves down at the Venice Jetty one day around lunch time. We’d planned to stroll the jetty, go for a swim and soak up some sun when we came across Florida’s latest iconic hot dog joint- Anita’s Sand Castle.

Anita’s Sand Castle is located at the Venice Jetty which is part of Humphris Park, a beach front park at he end of Tarpon Center Road in Venice, Florida. The little hot dog stand is located in beige stucco building in the parking lot and is Anita Kotte’s life’s work. She opened the place 16 years ago because she thought the park needed a little something extra-like a place to get a cold drink and something to eat.

Once she completed “regular” college, she attended Hot Dog University, and the rest is history.
She’s been running her stand every day-7 days a week- for the past 16 years (with the occasional day off for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter).
Anita proudly serves her “Famous Beach Dogs” to locals and tourists alike (there was a couple from Manchester, England there during our visit). There’s always a good crowd at lunch time and today was no exception.
Judging from her friendly demeanor, ready smile and piping hot Beach Dogs, you’d think Anita had all the ingredients for a successful Hot Dog Business. She attributes her success to three things: location, location, and location!
A hot dog stand in the parking lot of Paradise is one fine location!
Little Miss CHOWED DOWN…
Then we took a picture with our hostess.
Anita’s gets
from Little Miss and the Hotdogman!
To get the rest of the story, check out the video.
Of course, when you are in Venice, make sure you check out Anita’s Sand Castle and tell her “the Hotdogman sent me.”

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  2. Linda Cochran says

    We went down for our hot dog lunch today, May 3; and you were closed. When will you be back???

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