Windy City Eats in Weymouth, MA

Windy City Eats

 The 24th stop on the National Hot Dog Month Tour found us in Weymouth, MA at a Chicago Hot Dog joint called Windy City Eats. I have been here before, with Mrs. HDM, but that was in the days before Hot Dog Stories were on video. Since I like Chicago Dogs so much and since there are limited options in the Boston area for this unique, encased meat delicacy, I simply had to put them on the tour.

Grady and Sen Carlson

Windy City Eats owners Grady and Sen Carlson have teamed up to make their hot dog business a success. They are opening a second location in Norwell, MA in September. Grady is also the New England distributor for Vienna Beef products.

Vienna Beef condiments

The lime green relish is an integral component of a true Chicago Hot Dog. Extra credit for those who can name the other 8 components! Grady is a North side guy, so he’s a Cubs fan. He claims he won’t talk to any of his South side friends (White Sox fans) until football season starts. Chicago natives may disagree on their baseball teams, but they all love the Bears and their hot dogs.

dollar bills at Windy City Eats

 One of the funky features at Windy City Eats is plastered all over the walls. Customers leave signed dollar bills taped to the walls as a remembrance of their visit. A customer who wanted his friends to know they were “at the right place” left a signed bill taped to the wall about three months after Windy City Eats opened. The custom has become quite popular!

the Hotdogman was here

This is my bill from my first visit!

The Walter

Drew ordered up a Doch Dog. That is a jalapeno cheddar dog with spicy mustard, chili, cheese, bacon, and sport peppers. Drew substituted a pickle for the chili and we dubbed the new creation “The Walter.” One of the customers I spoke with asked if Drew’s name was Walter- because he thought he looked like a “Walter.”

Drew chowing at Windy City Eats

 In the “Don’t try this at home category,” Drew opened the stitches in his lip while chowing down and had a trickle of blood coming from his lips. I had to subdue Grady who initially mistook the blood for ketchup! It may have been wiser to get a smaller dog, Drew! (He’s fine BTW).

Chicago Dog at Windy City Eats

I ordered a straight up Chicago Dog. For those looking for the answer to the earlier phrased question, that has a Vienna Beef Dog with onions, mustard, lime green relish, tomatoes, sport peppers, a pickle spear, and celery salt on a poppy seed bun. This is called “dragging it through the garden.” Chicago Dogs are a true flavor explosion!

Chowing Down at Windy City Eats

Chowing down was in order…unlike Drew, I did not bleed!



Happy National Hot Dog Month

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