Wasses in Belfast, Maine

Wasses of Belfast, Maine

As we rolled back south from Down East Maine, we stopped at an iconic Maine joint in Belfast: Wasses. This is not the original Wasses, which has been in Rockland for over 40 years, this is the “other” Wasses, which has been around for a little over 20 years.

Renys Plaza

This Wasses is located right on route 3 in Belfast, Maine. Near the highway and where route 3 meets route 1 to head north, Wasses is located in the parking lot of Renys Plaza.

misty morning at Wasses

There’s a small dining room, which was quite damp this day after morning showers. Mrs. HDM and I were undeterred!


Jackie Denman, sister of one of Wasses owners (Denise Fuller), was manning the stand today along with her mom and other sister. The other two gals didn’t want to be on the video camera, but I talked them into taking a photo!

the gals of Wasses in Belfast

Jackie (center) was the designated spokeswoman today when it came to video! Mom and sis ran into the back whenever the “red light” went on.

Old Neighborhood Franks cooked in Peanut oil

Wasses uses Old Neighborhood franks, grilled in Peanut oil. This gives the dogs an amazing flavor and texture. It’s grilled AND fried at the same time.

Dogs going out at Wasses

We played “may I photograph your hot dogs, please” with some of the patrons. There was a steady stream of customers for the short time we were there. Jackie said they would be busier if it were not such a crappy morning.

kraut dog at Wasses

Here’s a dog with just Kraut. The guy who ordered this made sure Wasses was NOT serving Maine Red Snappers before ordering!

Chili Dog at Wasses

Here’s a Wasses chili dog.

Bacon Cheese Dogs at Wasses

Two bacon cheese dogs! Mmmmmmm!

One with Everything at Wasses

Mrs. HDM and I went for “one with everything,” which at Wasses means mustard, relish, and onions. The onions are also sauteed in the peanut oil for more flavor.

Chowin Down at Wasss

Check out the video of our visit, enjoy!

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