Trolley Stop Redux: Here there be Pirates!


A couple of months ago, I did a story on the Trolley Stop in Framingham, MA. That’s the hot dog joint at 166 Speen Street. I was meeting Drew from the Ben Spark blog for lunch, so we decided to have some fun with it.
Little did we know, the folks at the Trolley Stop were hell bent on fun that day! We were greeted by a kid in a pirate hat and moustache and THIS is what we saw at the ordering window!
It aint Halloween yet, what was going on?!?!?!
I peeked in the kitchen and asked owner Mike Gerrol and his crew to come on out and explain themselves.
It seems Fridays are “theme days’ at the Trolley Stop and today’s theme was Pirates.
Say: “Aaaaarrrrrrrrrr!”
Things were getting busy, so they got back to work.
Mike said he was still working on his website design- he’s going to let me know when it’s up so I can go back and do another Hot Dog Story when it is.
Drew and I checked out the menu…
They had a special going today- two dogs any style with chips and soda for only $5.25!
I got a Coney Dog (bottom) and a Hawaiian Dog. The Coney Dog is a dog topped with their own, homemade Coney Island meat sauce with onions and mustard. The Hawaiian Dog features Pineapple BBQ sauce, cheese and BACON (everything tastes better with BACON). Look at those dogs!
Drew opted for a Coney Dog and a Slaw Dog. The Slaw Dog has Cole Slaw and BACON!
Time to CHOW DOWN!!!!

This was a SOLID Coney Dog. The sauce was just right- enough zip without making my eyeballs sweat. The Hawaiian Dog was SUPERB. The pineapple BBQ sauce, bacon and cheese were having a big old party in the Hotdogman‘s mouth. I’d order both again! Drew liked his dogs too.
For dessert, Mike brought us out some samples of his new “Cannon Balls.” These are meatballs in a sweet onion BBQ sauce- he’s adding them to the menu soon and wanted some reaction from his patrons.
These meatballs were DELISH. I am sure he’ll sell a ton of these when they become a regular menu item.
Drew gives the Trolley Stop TWO THUMBS UP!
So does the Hotdogman!
Check out the Trolley Stop the next time you’re in Framingham; it’s right around the corner from exit 13 on the Mass Pike.Tell Mike “the Hotdogman sent me,” and tell him “I’LL BE BAACK!”

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  1. That was a really fun stop for lunch. I was so stuffed from all the hot dogs and cannonballs but I walked it off a bit and am very excited to go on back. This Sunday is Talk Like a Pirate day so I wonder if they will do that again.

    I'd love to go on another hot dog adventure sometime.

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