The Trolley Stop

In the continuing quest to find cool little hot dog joints, I didn’t have to stray far from home!

The Trolley stop, located at 160 Speen Street in Framingham, Massachusetts, is one of the newer spots on the scene. It’s a cute, little, trolley style hot dog trailer that serves up yummy hot dogs, burgers and related fare-the PERFECT roadside lunch spot.

I popped over there for a late lunch today with my son. After perusing the menu, it didn’t take long to figure out what I wanted….
One hot dog ALL AROUND (that’s mustard, onion and relish)!


Another patron ordered one Sauer Dog (relish, sauerkraut and mustard).

*Note the grilled bun! This used to be the Hotdogman’s signature feature!
Owners Mike and Donna Gerrol (Donna was camera shy) bought the Trolley Stop back in April and haven’t looked back!

Mike says business is good. I don’t doubt it, it’s a good looking rig with good dogs, which is a great combination. Mike grills his dogs (and his buns) and serves ’em up with fresh condiments-next time I’m going to try the Coney Dog. They even have a spacious dining room…

Even the birds have a place at the Trolley Stop!

Mike and Donna plan on changing the name of the place to Zipetty Do Dogs in about a month, they even have a website in the works! We’ll be checking back soon!

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  1. Went there today with You Rob, thanks for lunch, had a great time! I got the Slaw Dog and the Coney Dog, excellent!

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