The Recession Stand

I went out for a drive the other day with no particular destination in mind. I decided to take a ride down to the original location of my Hot Dog Truck to see what was going on and I came upon the area’s newest hot dog joint, The Recession Stand.
The Recession Stand is located at 169 Boston Road- that’s route 30- in Southborough, Massachusetts.
It is owned by lifelong restaurateur, Bobby Bartolini who has decided to downsize to a simpler business in his “golden years.”

The Recession Stand is open year round and is run by Bobby and his daughter.
It’s a spiffy trailer with a well equipped commercial kitchen inside.
Bobby’s a stickler for cleanliness- he claims he has OCD!


The place positively gleams!


Propane powers the cooking equipment and he’s plugged right into the building (which his family owns) for electric power.
They have a very reasonable lunch special…
Plus some very yummy specialty sandwiches
The menu is fairly extensive for a hot dog trailer…
You can even get one of his daughter’s home made cannolis. This looked delicious, but I am still trying to lose weight!
I was here for a hot dog, so I ordered up a chili dog with Bobby’s home made chili and…
The food and service were fantastic and I had a lot of fun doing the shoot.
The Recession Stand gets
When you are in Southborough, stop by The Recession Stand and tell Bobby and Alise, “the Hotdogman sent me.”


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