The Lucky Dog Diner

The Lucky Dog Diner was the first hot dog joint I did a photo shoot of for this site back in 2008. It’s a lime green, throw-back type of joint located at 602 Tamiami Trail South in┬áVenice, Florida.

I love the whimsical touches this place has, like the bicycle bell to ring for service.
There is plenty of indoor and outdoor seating.
With six of us in tow, we tend to fill a place like this to capacity quickly!
There’s lots of history and memorabilia all over the walls.



There’s quite a variety on the menu…
…but we come for the hot dogs.
Little Miss had her standard plain dog.

Veggyhead had a Tofu dog with mustard,

Mrs. Hotdogman had a bacon and cheese dog

AND a “Chicago Style” dog.
Photobomber and the Cheeseburger Princess had cheeseburgers- which I am told by this pair of experts are the best they’ve had anywhere.

I opted for the House Relish Dog- a unique concoction of carrots, spicy peppers and other secret ingredients- with mustard. This is one of the tastiest relishes I have eaten in my travels.

Then it was time to


The Lucky Dog is a real treat and the indoor dining with air conditioning is a great escape from the hot Florida sun!
Little Miss and the Hotdogman give The Lucky Dog Diner

If you’re ever in Venice, stop by The Lucky Dog Diner and make sure you tell Dawn and Pete “the Hotdogman sent me!”
Check out the video:


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  1. Wow! It wasn’t like that at all when I was there!

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