The Dogfather Third Annual Chili Dog Eating Contest

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On Saturday, May 11, competitive eating contestants descended on Holden Street in Worcester to enter the Dogfather 3rd Annual Chili Dog Eating Contest. Dogfather owner, Mark Gallant, holds this event as a yearly fundraiser for the¬†Unitarian Universalist Church. Documenting the fun has become an annual thing for Hot Dog Stories, and we’re pleased to bring you coverage once again this year.

The Dogfather Contest Rules

The idea is fairly simple: eat as many chili dogs as you can in 15 minutes. Each hot dog is a 1/8 pound on a bun, with another 1/8 pound of chili on top; that’s more than a quarter of a pound of food for just one hot dog! The 2012 winner downed 23 in fifteen minutes – over 6 pounds of food! As of “game time,” nobody knew if the returning champ would present himself or not, but eager contestants were chomping at the bit to take part in the contest.

Unfortunately, the weather was drizzly, cloudy, and cool; not goo hot dog eating contest weather. The Dogfather was undeterred and determined not to let Mother Nature rain on his parade, or his chili dog eating contest. The show, as they say, must go on.

With only seven contestants, it was the smallest field to date and everyone felt like they had a chance since the champ did NOT show up. Mark started them off and the chili carnage commenced. There were no “accidents” and the contest went off without a hitch. Mark says he’ll do it again next year, too!

After a hard-fought battle, a winner was declared. He’ll get free hot dogs at the Dogfather Truck for a full year. This should help with training and keeping the taste of Mark’s home-made chili fresh in his mind. The Dogfather hopes this year’s champ will return to defend his title in 2014!

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