The Dogfather 2nd Annual Chili Dog Eating Contest

Saturday May 19th, 2012 in Worcester, MA, The Dogfather and hot dog truck owner Mark Gallant had their second annual Chili Dog Eating Contest! It was a fine spring day, so Little Miss and I headed on out to the corner of Holden Street and Shore Road in Worcester to check out the action.

The contest is to benefit the Unitarian Universalist Church which is right across the street from the Dogfather’s spot; the church also happens to be Mark’s landlord. I attended and filmed the event last year, so it was off to Worcester to document this epic event.

Lat year’s Champion was nowhere to be found on this day, but there were quite a few repeat contestants. While they were setting up, Little Miss and I had some lunch and chatted up the would-be chili dog champs. It was very warm with bright sun and some of the contestants were feeling the heat.

Each contestant has 15 minutes to eat as many  chili dogs as they can, buns and all. Last year’s winner took home the prize by downing 13, but there were many who were right on his tail.  Before long, Mark got things going and a new champion was crowned!  I won’t say how many it took to bring home the trophy this year (you’ll have to watch the video), but the second place finisher ate 13 this year!

As usual, a good time was had by all. The winner gained much respect from this hot dog loving crowd. I was very impressed by his feat as well.

Mark plans on making this contest an annual event, so you can be sure we’ll be back next year! The next time I’ll see Mark is during National Hot Dog Month. I am still trying to raise some funds for a documentary film I am making- you can find out more about that HERE.

Check out the video of The Dogfather’s Chili Dog Eating Contest:


  1. Love all the video’s that you do. You really ROCK Dawg!

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