The Dog House of Framingham

I have been to The Dog House before, it was one of my stops on last year’s National Hot Dog Month Tour. Owner Ross Scanlon used to be set up in Medfield, but even last summer, he was looking for a better spot.

While driving out to Snappy Dogs last week, I spied a familiar looking trailer. I made a note to swing by and check it out on the way home. Sure enough, when I pulled into the parking lot of Republic Plumbing Supply on route 135 in Framingham, I confirmed my suspicions. Ross had found his new location!

Many people in the hot dog business have to find a good location. It doesn’t always work out the first time around, but changing locations can be difficult. Here in New England, where many vendors shut down for the winter, there is a lot of time to scout out a new spot. That’s just what Ross did this past off-season and, even though it was his first day at the new spot, he was happy with the location.

It’s a great spot. There is plenty of parking, a fair amount of foot traffic, tons of vehicle traffic, and the spot is right across from a busy commuter rail stop in Framingham Center. It has all the criteria for a good location for a hot dog business. While it may be too early to judge, I am willing to bet Ross and The Dog House will be very successful in this spot.

I didn’t eat because I had just chowed down at Snappy Dogs, but I promised Ross I’d be back to sample some of his yummy Old Neighborhood Franks. The Dog House serves up piping hot franks with a great snap. He has lots of home made toppings too.

Check out the quickie video I shot.

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