Texas Tommies

Last Saturday night, we had a hot dog we’d only dreamed of. It was inspired by a hot dog we saw on A Hot Dog Program, the cool hot dog documentary. We made Texas Tommies!

Texas Tommy

A Texas Tommy is a hot dog, stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon, and DEEP FRIED! How ridiculous is that?

To make a Texas Tommy you need, of course, hot dogs. I used some Trader Joe’s all natural, all beef, nitrite and nitrate free, gluten free franks, made by my good friends at Pearl Meats. Hey, I chose the healthiest hot dog I could find, what could be better for deep frying?

Trader Joe Franks by Pearl

I also got me some hickory smoked BACON!


Nothing but good, ole American Cheese would do for Texas Tommies!

American Cheese

I am going to put the completed concoction on a fresh roll and top it with Onion Crunch and Colman’s Mustard.

Colman's Mustard and Onion Crunch

Here’s what they look like all stuffed with cheese, wrapped up, and ready to go!

Texas Tommies wrapped and ready

Frying BACON has to be one of the seven deadly sins, but it’s good!

frying BACON

You MUST check out the video to get the full story!

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  1. Thank goodness you didn’t use “squeeze cheese” The dogs look amazing. Did you save me one?

  2. Marc Robinson says

    Rob,those look absolutely amazing can’t wait to try 1 of those

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